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Top 10 WWE Entrance Themes of All Time

Today’s top 10 is the top 10 entrance themes of all time in the WWE. Disagree? Please share your favourites.

10. Vince McMahon – Jim Johnston’s “No Chance in Hell”. 

Reason? This iconic entrance theme was synonymous with the Attitude era and indeed many a great feud, in particular with Mr McMahon’s feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Was one of the first theme songs that got me on my return to WWE viewing. 

9. D’Lo Brown – Jim Johnston’s “The Real Deal” 

To this day, I still like this tune. It’s everything the Attitude era was. Badass! It’s just a pity D’Lo’s career never really took off although the Droz incident likely played a role in that. 

8. Degeneration X – Run DMC’s “The Kings”

Although it was only DX’s entrance theme for a short period of time, I still prefer it to the original and more popular entrance theme. Again, it’s really edgy and high tempo. I always thought it well represented DX although it isn’t as “renegade” as the DX band version. 

7. Undertaker – Jim Johnston’s “The Ministry”. 

While the Undertaker has had many great entrance themes over the years, I think the Ministry of Darkness theme stands out above them all. Plus I really love the guitar. It certainly gave you more of what you’d expect from Taker than Kid Rock or Limp Bizkit. You can keep on Rollin. You know what time it is. 

6. Mark Henry – Three 6 Mafia – “Somebodies Gonna Get it”

Ultimate badass song. Henry is a beast and needs to be marketed as such. The opening of this song screams impending doom. Mark Henry is going to kick some ass!

5. Kane – Jim Johnston’s “Out of the Fire”. 

Legendary tune and one which really blew me away when I started watching the WWE for a second time. The pyros certainly add to it as well as the lighting but it really helped to shape Kane’s aura as a big red monster. 

4. Edge – Alter Bridge’s “Metalingus”

If you are going to be the Rated R Superstar, you need a badass entrance tune. Alter Bridge sure delivered with one high impact rocking tune here with Metalingus. I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it and still love it now. 

3. Bobby Roode – CFO$’s “Glorious”

GLORIOUS! No I won’t give in. I won’t give in till I’m VICTORIOUS! Really do I need to say more?

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin – Disturbed’s “Breaking Glass”
After a major injury, Stone Cold came back in 2000 with a bigger edgier version of his entrance theme and boy did it ROCK! Austin was pissed. He wanted to find out who ran him down. And this theme said it all. 

1. Hulk Hogan – Rick Derringer’s “Real American”

The ULTIMATE entrance song. What can I say? Hulkamania was running wild with this song and every time I hear it I want to cup my ear and flex muscles. And I’m not even a real American. 

I hope you enjoyed this countdown! Much love! 


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