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Anyone else getting tired of New Day? A Clash of Champions PPV Review


So I caught up on the Clash of Champions today and I have to say I was, for the most part, pleasantly surprised by the quality of the show. Yes, on paper the card was something like a glorified RAW and yes, I had very little expectation going into it. Yet it delivered. Here are my top pros and cons from the inaugural RAW PPV for 2016.


  1. The overall quality of the matches: – I guess this isn’t something I should be surprised about. After all, the quality of the wrestlers involved in the show were hardly lacking when you’ve got Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho and so on. But like I said, I wasn’t expecting much. So it was enjoyable to have some quality matches on the show. There were obviously specific matches that I thought were better than others but yeah, good job on a high quality PPV, wrestling wise. Just please don’t repeat these matches again at the next PPV. Keep it fresh!
  2. The Women’s Championship Match: Okay, this match was top draw. And sure, while this isn’t the first great match in the women’s division this year, we haven’t quite had the high quality matches that we expect from the Four Horsewomen that we’ve come to expect in NXT. Maybe it’s the Bayley factor but this match was great. The chemistry was perfect. Charlotte looks really good and some of the moves were downright vicious, Good on you girls! Let’s have some more of the same.
  3.  Chris Jericho: Jericho was immensely entertaining  yet again at Clash of Champions. The guy has got heel down to a fine art. I could help but chuckle as Y2J barged his way into the main event match between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins hearing him shout “He’s my BEST FRIEND!” It was like schoolyard antics yet it worked perfectly.



  1. New Day: I am really getting tired of the New Day now. I’m not saying that they haven’t been entertaining but I’ve just about had enough now. And it’s not just the gyrating…. Anyway, what really bothered me about the New Day at Clash of Champions was the fact that they went over at the expense of Gallows and Anderson yet again. It’s like deja vu. I remember nearly a year ago when New Day were facing the Dudley Boyz and all I could think to myself was that the Dudley Boyz should go over to get properly stuck in within the tag team division. At that time, the logic was that the New Day went over the Dudley Boyz because the company really wanted to add credibility to New Day by beating one of the greatest tag teams in the history of professional wrestling – and I get that. Skip a year ahead. New Day are a machine. They’re hard to beat. Gallows and Anderson on the other hand are trying to make a name for themselves in the WWE universe and they’ve done their fair share of jobbing to other talent while they’ve been here. Now, it’s time to put the belts on them. It’s time to say – YES THEY ARE ACTUALLY A REALLY GOOD TAG TEAM. And as the match kicked off, Gallows and Anderson looked every bit like a team that looked dangerous to New Day. Did New Day put them over though? No! They instead held onto the titles again so that they can reach their 400 day milestone. Obviously them reaching this milestone is a big deal to the WWE. Whether or whether not this means they will disband after they lose the titles or not I don’t know. But damn do I want them to make the Tag Team division feel like it’s an open one. And as for Gallows and Anderson. Their time is running out because when the Revival eventually do make their debut on Raw, then they’re no longer going to be the most badass team in the division.  The clock is ticking WWE and if you’re not careful, you’re going to blow it.
  2. Cesaro vs Sheamus ending: Let me start off by saying that the ending of this match was an unfortunate one and not due to bad booking. Cesaro after all took a really bad bump in the match and could have done some serious damage to his neck. Unfortunately, after having some less than exciting matches in the build up to the latter matches in this best of 7 series,  the finale finally delivered and the match had the hallmarks of a potential match of the year candidate. Sadly for the two competitors, it never managed to end the way we wanted it. I’m assuming that the ending was to cover up for the nasty bump Cesaro took because if it wasn’t, ending it the way they did was a very bad idea as I think we’re about ready for a conclusion for this one.
  3. Kevin Owens is not being given the Championship reign he deserves: Let’s face it. KO has been pretty bad ass since he’s been in the WWE. And KO has very rarely needed to do the whole “cheat to win” thing to pull through in matches. He’s just not that sort of guy. He’s a bad ass. So as you can imagine, I am rather disappointed to see KO now being reduced to the man that needs help to win matches. And yeah, I get that Seth Rollins is the “future” but come on WWE. KO won the title by a screw job and now he’s retaining by a different screw job. Give the man some credit!
  4. Roman Reigns: I am not going to go into too many details about this but you know,  the whole Reigns winning the US Championship feels like the WWE once again trying to force Reigns on but this time they’re doing it by the back door. I am just wondering how long it will be now before Reigns goes over Owens cleanly again and we get a situation where the US Champion looks stronger than the Universal Champion. It’s going to happen. You know it is. Lucky us!


So what’s my overall rating for this show? Well, despite some negatives, the action was overall pretty good. So I’m going to give this PPV a B-


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