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Cathy Kelley makes Booty-o treats for Clash of Champions

If Cathy Kelley were to become anymore awesome, it would have to be because she did something epic like suggesting a recipe for a delicious PPV style snack. OH WAIT! She did! Thank you Cathy Kelley! You are very dreamy.  Advertisements

Top Ten: The top 10 foreign WWE superstars of the last 15 years

In today’s top ten, I am going to name my top ten top foreign superstars in the WWE over the last 15 years. But get involved. Give me your thoughts! Who would you include? 10. Tajiri Born in Tokyo, Japan, Tajiri made his WWE debut in May, 2001 originally as then commission William Regal’s assistant. […]

Kevin Owens reaches the top of the mountain. 

Many years ago I came across Kevin Steen / Kevin Owens when he was part of Ring of Honor and was intrigued at the hype surrounding him. And while I never saw him wrestle, it was hard to ignore the fact that the fans really liked him. When he debuted on NXT, I quickly understood […]